D-School -A Product By Daddara E-Traders Pvt Ltd

Founded in 11th September 2012, Daddara E-Traders (India) Private Limited is set out itself to be a IT Company. The company is predominantly engaged in the field of developing websites/mobile applications for non-trading businesses like Hospitals, Societies and industries like Property, Corporate, Industrial, Commercial and Construction. The company is classified as non-Govt and is registered as per Companies Act 1956.

Features Of D-School

Teacher Panel

Well qualified, proficient and experienced faculties are in this panel to provide classes on demand and prepare notes . This has entered the market after receiving and testing all the valuable comments and suggestions furnished by a myriad of teachers and students.

Modern Technology

Easymate has been developed with an emphasis on security using modern technologies on the web and mobile apps. The app uses the latest cloud base system with a fast and secure server.

Most Trusted

Software is managed by a company that has been working in the field of software development for eight years. A team of well experienced and dynamic professionals back the overall functioning of Easymate.

24*7 Technical Support

Uninterrupted, round the clock technical support is available and the teachers can notify any issues directly from their school. Though normal rectifying time is 24 hours, minor issues can be resolved within an hour.

Study Materials

Study materials and virtual classes form a major part of Easymate’s feature, where children can download their required notes from this app in the form of voice, pdf or video.

Accurate & Reliable

This software is designed in such a way that it can provide accurate and reliable data with high performance speed and quality informations. The functionality of the app is found to be error free and user friendly.

School Bus Tracking System

D-School App is the best mobile app for school management,is a very helpful application for teachers,school management and parents.Bus tarcking sysytem allow you to monitor the school bus and have detailed insights on the traffic issues and delays in school bus.Ensure the safety of school going student children by monitoring their fleet in real-time using school bus tracking system. 


Help teachers to take the attendence of students without any difficulties.

Instant Notification

Teachers can also give notification to parents in case their child is absent or late.

Academic Details

Parents an check their child’s academic details from whereever in the world.

Fee Payment

Parents will get the fee deatils without directly contact wih the school authority.

Our vision

“Technology for everyone and to make it reachable is the vision of D-School. It leads different projects which help children from financially and socially backward categories. To fulfill these goals,D-scool is collabed with resource personalities and organisations in different sectors. Service is more prioritized than profit.

Our mission

“The mission of D-school is to provide a common platform by integrating athirst students, competent teachers, caring parents and motivating management for the hassle free functioning of school activities.”

About Us

D-school is an out-of-the-box school management solution that improves academic
efficiency and enhances school operations by integrating the best of both traditional and digital methods.

Our Services

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